A woman wearing a Western style Aztec print corduroy shirt

Hey there. 

I'm Kristin, the founder of the Highland Fashionista brand shops and blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

This whole thing started with the Highland Fashionista blog, which I started in late 2011. Blogging eventually led to the launch of the Highland Fashionista vintage shop on Etsy, and its sister shop Puzz Factor vintage puzzles.

I've always had a love of Western fashion. I grew up in Wisconsin riding horses (although currently don't have one...I hope to change that at some point), and now I spend a lot of time on the move between various continents with wildly different climates. I've found that Bohemian and  Western-inspired fashion offers the kind of practical, casual, free-spirited and sometimes edgy vibe that defines how many of us like to dress in our comfort-driven post-pandemic world.

I am also a dedicated lifelong thrifter, and am enthusiastic about encouraging others to consider vintage and preloved shopping; to shift focus a little more outside of the box and return to a practice of honing and curating a truly unique personal style at any age. For that reason, in this shop you will also find a thoughtful edit from my vintage inventory. Each item is one of a kind, and measurements are provided.

Ultimately, however you like to source the items that you wear, I believe that curating personal style is all about creating balance and selecting pieces for the story they tell, regardless of provenance. At the end of the day, all of the items in my e-commerce collections and on the blog are there because they are unique, useful, have character, and are fun. If nothing else, this is supposed to be fun, right?